Tuesday, January 4, 2022


It's been quite awhile...Some of you may have never have heard of my brand or me for that matter.  That's to be expected.  What I can tell you is that my haunted works have been haunting the internet for many years now.  TWIGROT Sinister Props, previously known as Cryptic Images was one of Halloweens deepest secrets when it came to sinister style Halloween props.  Since my last post here several years ago, I dove deep into the dark to discover myself and my own sinister style.  I am an artist of the macabre, a seeker of intense and dark art.  Welcome to TWIGROT! 

I recently left the Facebook platform in order to begin teaching those who share the same deep passion of artistic horror crafting.  In order to facilitate this endeavor, I created my own private members group designed for those who truly enjoy my style of craftsmanship. Included you will find links to tutorials specifically geared to help you learn the foundations of creating crafting and design.  If you are still connected to this blog, I invite you join my sinister band of creators! I hope that you have a safe year and I look forward to bringing you more content!